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Used Compact Tractors

Used compact tractors can save you a lot of money compared to the cost of a new one.

When do used compact tractors make sense?  Generally speaking, when you can’t afford a new one because of their high price tags.  Let’s take a look at a few more determining factors here and things you’ll want to look out for if you’re buying a secondhand compact tractor.

A compact utility tractor is a good way to tackle massive workloads if you own a large piece of land.  When you have work that just can’t be completed by a standard lawn tractor, compact tractors give you more power without encompassing the massive cost associated with a full size tractor.  Whether you need to mow a massive amount of grass, pull out a few stumps, or cultivate, a compact tractor will definitely apply to you.  But, despite the fact that a these are less expensive than a full size model, they can still cost a lot.  To save money, and still get a reliable machine, perhaps you should consider looking into used compact tractors.

A used compact tractor is a good way to get a great compact tractor at a mere fraction of the price.  New compact tractors can cost upwards of $20,000.  But a used model can cut that price in half, depending upon mileage and condition.  When considering used compact tractors for sale, however, you should be wary of buying used compact tractors online.  Seeing a tractor, and test driving it is absolutely necessary so that you can ensure all features are in working order, and that the vehicle meets your needs.  Not effectively testing a used tractor for sale before you purchase one could leave to major dissatisfaction on your part.

The main negative about buying used compact tractors online is that you have to trust a seller’s description of the tractor in question.  Because you won’t actually be testing the tractor before you purchase it, you can’t be sure of it’s condition.  The tractor could be worse for wear, or have fuel line issues, or even transmission problems that you would be unaware of, until you had already purchased the tractor.  Of course usually this is covered on websites like, but getting your money back and returning the vehicle will still cost you, and is a major hassle.

To avoid this completely, try to focus on used compact tractors available in your area.  Concentrate on tractors you can actually inspect yourself, and test drive.  If you aren’t sure about the location of a dealership in your area, you can use an online resource like Google or to find one.  Typically, no matter where you live, there should be a compact tractor dealership in your area and it’s just a matter of finding one.

Make sure that if you don’t know a whole lot about tractors yourself, that you take a friend or relative who does along with you.  That way you can get an independent opinion about any used compact tractors that you see, and the quality they offer versus price.  The key is to find an affordable used compact farm tractor that you can also rely on for years to come, despite the fact that it’s used.  Try and stick to brands that are widely known, as that will usually guarantee a certain level of quality, and that replacement parts will be readily available.  John Deere and Kubota are good places to start, as both feature widely used parts that can be quickly replaced.

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