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Pole Barns

Pole barns come in metal, steel and wood, with many construction plans and kits to create a great building for storage and more.

The buildings on a farm can come in a number of different styles with each having its own uses. The style of buildings used will typically depend on the type of farming being carried out, although pole barns are a versatile building that can be used for a number of purposes. This makes them a good option for most types of farm.

Pole barns have been around since the 1930’s and are one of the simplest styles of farm building. They basically comprise a metal roof which is extended over a framework of wooden poles. The term poles was used because in the early days they were typically constructed using wooden telegraph poles, although these days the frame is more likely to be made up of sawn boards. While many can be left open sided it is also possible to add walls although these are not required for the structural integrity of the building. Corrugated iron is a common material used for the roof and walls of a pole barn although other materials which are commonly used include cement board and vinyl siding.

On a farm pole barns can typically be left open sided and used for the storage of materials such as hay or can be enclosed by walls to hold livestock. While the construction style originated as a farm building it has extended beyond this and theses days can be used for residential garages, commercial buildings and retail stores, to name a few.

There are a number of advantages to using pole barns. First is the ease and speed at which they can be constructed. Because of the simple style they can be erected quickly and they provide an efficient use of materials. A pole barn is also one of the most affordable types of farm buildings available. The fact that they can remain open sided is one of the reasons they became popular on farms as this allows easy access for farm machinery to the stored materials.

While building your own custom pole building is a possibility there are many companies that provide these in kit form which come with all the components required to erect the structure. Some of the companies that have pole buildings for sale include National Barn Company, DIY Pole Barns and ABCO Pole Buildings. These have a variety of pole buildings in kit form available in a range of sizes.

The cost of a pole barn will typically be dependent on the size of the barn although the quality of materials and features included will also have an impact. Prices of around $6 to $11 per square feet are common for a basic building although for a higher quality building it can rise to $30 to $35 per square feet.

Pole barns are a simple but effective style of building to use on a farm or otherwise. They are typically one of the most affordable farm buildings available and one of the quickest and easiest to construct. If you are looking for additional storage space they can therefore be a good option to consider.

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