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Farm Management Software

Farm management software makes it easy to control your farming inventory and asset records, with tracking features to save you loads of time.

Like any other business a farm is run to be profitable and make its owners a decent living. Any resources that can help with this and make a farm a more efficient operation are something to be considered and there are various options for this. In the digital age the computer has become an important business tool and this has extended to the farming environment with farm management software now being available to help with the running of operations.

Farm management software was developed to help farmers run more efficient and cost effective operations. It can help to keep track of farming records in a more organized way and have these available at the touch of a button. This enables a farmer to get an easy overall view of his operations and identify areas that can be improved. There are many companies that produce management software for farming providing a decent selection from which to choose.

Vertical Solutions Incorporated is a company that produces farm management software which is called Easy-Farm and The Cattle Manager. The company originally began life by producing accounting software called Easy-Chek which could be used by people to balance their books. However this was adapted to farming needs to produce software which can be used by crop or livestock farmers to help more efficiently run their operations. The Easy-Farm software comes in three different editions with costs ranging from $260 for the Lite version to $525 for the Pro version. The Cattle Manager software costs $250 to purchase.

Another company that produces farm management software for both crop and livestock farmers is Farm Files. Both their packages cost $200 to purchase with the Farm File Crops software enabling farmers to easily record and track data such as tillage, planting and harvest information. The software also allows the production of custom reports for a particular year, field or crop type. Using the Farm Files Livestock software is an efficient way to keep records of details such as purchases and sales of animals, medical treatments, breeding and blood lines for your livestock. Once recorded, this can be easily tracked on the computer such that information is instantly accessible when needed.

Other companies to consider if you are considering using farm management software for your farming operations include Farm Works, Farm Soft and i-Agri LandMark Software. These companies produce a range of software for crop, dairy and livestock farmers which can be useful in helping to run their operations in a more efficient and organized manner. While some have an outright purchase cost for buying the software others have a connection fee to connect into the companies system plus a monthly fee for using it. i-Agri LandMark Software, for example, has a $250 connection cost plus a $40 per month fee.

If you work in the farming business then using modern technology to improve your business can help to make it more profitable. This is the aim of farm management software and this makes it a useful product to consider using for your farm operations.

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