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Antique Tractor Parts

Antique tractor parts for farm and garden models, as well as John Deere tractors, are timeless collectibles for some and necessary equipment for others.

Collecting antique tractor parts can be a great way to really explore American farm history, in a completely fun and unique way.  By collecting outdated parts that have long since been redesigned to perform more effectively, you can really get a good idea of the way that farming has progressed.  Plus, you’ll find that antique tractor parts can be a great investment, as they always appreciate in value.  You may be surprised by just what your collection is worth as time goes on, and you can end up earning two, to three times the amount you paid for a piece, once you’ve waited for the value to appreciate.

One of the most important parts of having an antique tractor parts collection, is ensuring that you catalogue your items correctly.  This is important both for keeping up with all of the pieces you own, as well as ensuring that they are ready to be show at any time.  For that reason, one of the first tactics you’ll want to use with your antique tractor parts collection, is separating them by era.  Typically there are two eras when it comes to collections like these, and they are considered vintage, and truly antique.  Vintage parts are those that were commonly in use 20 to 30 years ago, with antiques being even older.  This way you can really identify just how old your parts are, and which are truly antique.

Also, you may want to consider separating your antique tractor parts based upon the manufacturer.  This can be handy when you’re looking to determine which parts you actually have, and which you may be looking for to complete your collection.  That means separating areas for John Deere, or Ford, and even Kubota if you have parts from any.  That way you better track your collection to both see what you’ve already purchased, and also so that you can target the parts that you’re looking for.

One of the best places to find great antique tractor parts, is always going to be trade shows.  Traveling farm trade shows typically feature great collections of all sorts of antique farm equipment.  Among that is always going to be a good selection of tractor parts of all different kinds.  There you can find a good selection of parts, and they can be a great way to get into collecting for the first place.  However, you aren’t able to locate specific parts, as you can only go after what’s currently available.

When you’re looking to specifically target your antique tractor parts, you’ll probably want to use an online resource, so that you can locate different dealers in your area, or even anywhere in the world.  Websites like or can help you connect with a variety of different collectors, so that you can find the perfect tractor parts for your collection.  Plus you can even locate all different kinds of antique tractor parts, so that you can find a price that you feel is appropriate on that part you’ve been looking for.

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